Arna van Engelen, PhD
Former Research Associate
4th floor Lambeth Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
SE1 7EH London
United Kingdom
I was a research associate within the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, King's College London. I worked in Rene Botnar's research group, and collaborated intensively with the HaeMod group. My main research interest was on image analysis techniques for cardiovascular disease. Within the NIAGARA project we developed imaging-based models of atherosclerosis, using novel MRI techniques. This involved vessel wall acquisition and segmentation, and the study of plaque composition. My PhD project was mainly focused on the automatic analysis and segmentation of atherosclerotic plaque tissue components using machine learning techniques (voxel classification), and I continued this work at KCL.

My research within the HaeMod group focused on the analysis of techniques for MRI-based measurements of pulse wave velocity (J Cardiov Magnetic Resonance, 2017). I also worked on deriving vascular anatomy and flow properties from MRI data to subsequently use them for 1D modelling of heamodynamical parameters; e.g. to estimate central blood pressure (Circulation, 2017).
Experience and Education
09/2014 - 01/2018
Research Associate at King's College London, London, UK
Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
02/2010 - 07/2014
PhD student at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam
Thesis: Multimodal Image Analysis for Carotid Artery Plaque Characterization (link)
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Wiro Niessen and dr. Marleen de Bruijne
2004 - 2010
BSc and MSc student at VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Medical Natural Sciences, master track Medical Physics
Collaborations and Links
Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam
Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands