Phil Chowienczyk
Professor of Cardiovascular Clinical Pharmacology
Department of Clinical Pharmacology
St Thomas' Hospital
SE1 7EH London
United Kingdom
Phil Chowienczyk studied physics at Bristol University in 1975-1978, and worked in biomedical engineering at Guy’s and Hammersmith Hospitals, London before studying medicine in 1982-1988 at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in 1995 and was promoted to his current post in 2003.
Research interests
Prof Chowienczyk’s research relates to the in vivo assessment of arterial structure and function in humans with the aim of elucidating mechanisms leading to arterial disease and interventions to prevent/treat arterial disease. He retains an interest in biomedical engineering in relation to non-invasive assessment of arterial function.