Weiwei Jin
PhD Student
3rd floor Lambeth Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
SE1 7EH London
United Kingdom
I have completed a MEng in Mechanical Engineering and six months of PhD research in the Graduate School of Medicine at Chiba University, Japan. My bachelor's thesis involved 1-D computational modelling of haemodynamic, while my master's thesis focused on coupling the autonomic nervous system with a 1-D/0-D haemodynamic model. During my Master's, I also conducted a project on the optimisation of coronary artery surgery using 3-D modelling in collaboration with medical doctors from Chiba University Hospital, Japan. I evaluated methods of statistical analysis for the dietary patterns and PCB contamination in pregnant women. I aim to pursue a career in biomedical engineering.

I have recently moved to London to grasp an opportunity which will broaden my horizons and allow me to reach my goals and ambitions while meeting and working with renowned researchers in the field.

My PhD project will develop and implement our exciting 1-D computational solver (Nektar1D) to analyse the effect of medication on endothelial function. Detailed analyses of cardiovascular imaging data on rabbits along with measured vital data (e.g. blood pressure and blood flow) will be used. Furthermore, human vital data from the clinical database and the vital data of a virtual population generated by Nektar1D will be used for the assessment of endothelial function.
Experience and Education
09/2017 - now
PhD in Imaging Science & Biomedical Engineering at King's College London, London, UK
School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Thesis: Assessing endothelial function by analyzing non-invasive pulse waveform: a computational and in-vivo based study
Supervisor: Dr Jordi Alastruey, Prof. Phil Chowienczyk, King's College London
04/2017 - 09/2017
PhD in Advanced Preventive Medicine at Chiba University, Japan
Graduate School of Medicine
Research topic: Dietary patterns and PCB contamination in pregnant women
Supervisor: Dr Akifumi Eguchi, Prof. Chisato Mori
04/2015 - 03/2017
MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Chiba University, Japan
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Thesis: Evaluating cardiac functions under exercise and postural change with a multi-physical model coupling cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems
Supervisor: Prof. Hao Liu
09/2011 - 06/2015
BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Chiba University, Japan
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Thesis: On the uncertainty of simulation-based prediction of pulse wave propagation in the cardiovascular system
Supervisor: Prof. Hao Liu