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We investigate blood flow in the cardiovascular system using clinical data and modelling (computational and experimental).
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Our group is part of the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King's College London. We are based in St Thomas's Hospital, a leading research centre in the heart of London.

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  • Congratulatins to Sam Vennin on having been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Sainsbury Management Fellowship to undertake a full time MBA course at London Business School in August 2020.
    RAEng LBS

  • Congratulatins to Jorge Mariscal-Harana on successfully defending his PhD research during his viva on 8th April 2020. His thesis is titled Non-Invasive Assessment of the Aortic Pressure Wave: Development and Testing Using In Silico and In Vivo Data.

  • Jordi Alastruey gave a webinar at the University of Zaragoza in April 2020. His presentation is titled Arterial Blood Flow and Pulse Wave Signals – Modelling and Clinical Applications.

  • Peter Charlton and Jordi Alastruey participated at the First Working Group Meeting of the COST Action VascAgeNet which was held at Paris Cardiovascular Research Center (PARCC) in February 2020. The three-day meeting was an excellent chance for interdisciplinary and intersectional discussions bringing together industry, clinical expertise, basic research and engineering to join forces to push the concept of vascular ageing.
    Jordi_VascAgeNet_pic VascAgeNet

  • Jordi Alastruey started acting as Leader for the Working Group Physiological and Technical Background - from Bench to Bedside of the COST Action Network for Research in Vascular Ageing, November 2019. COST VascAgeNet

  • The group attended the ARTERY19 conference in Budapest, Hungary in October 2019. Weiwei gave an oral presentation on flow mediated dilation. Pete and Sam presented posters.

  • The group hosted a departmental seminar on Blood Flow Modelling and Analysis, October 2019. Weiwei presented her research on understanding diseased haemodynamics using computational modelling. Joaquin described a new analytical approach for studying pulse wave mechanics in arterial networks.
    Weiwei_BME_seminar_19_pic Joaquin_BME_seminar_19_pic

  • Congratulations to Weiwei Jin on being awarded the Peter Baker Travelling Fellowship. She collected her award at an official ceremony held in Guy's Campus in November 2019.

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We are based in St Thomas' Hospital, close to the London Eye, Westminster Bridge, and Big Ben, right in the center of London:

St Thomas' Hospital,
Westminster Bridge Road,
SE1 7EH London, UK

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